Office Cleaning

If your office routine is characterised by mountains of paperwork, leftovers and dirt- overfilled wastepaper baskets, “less attractive” offices are the natural consequence. But should your well paid employees really do tasks which unnecessarily cost time and money? 

Your employees should be focused on their essential tasks and at the same time be motivated to higher performance in a clean office. A “clean atmosphere” contributes positively to the working atmosphere and good health of your staff. With the help of SVT Office Cleaning, your employees will always have a clear view and space for the essential things – namely their work. 


SVTs Office Cleaning Service assists you in throwing unnecessary ballast overboard. Our professional cleaning staff works fast and reliable.


For example, we disinfect telephone receivers, empty wastepaper baskets and (hole) punches and descale water fittings. Our team works with checklists, which are created together with our customers. These checklists provide you with a long-term guarantee a consistent high quality. SVTs comprehensive Office Cleaning Service also comprises thorough carpet and window cleaning.


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